How to request your fingerprint cards

We have teamed up with PrintScan, a company that provides mobile fingerprinting and background screening services for biometric compliance and identity management solutions. This partnership allows us to easily store and request fingerprint cards for your application submissions, making the process more streamlined and efficient.

Once you get your fingerprints scanned and archived with PrintScan you can request fingerprint cards through your OneComply portal when you need to submit them in conjunction with a license application.

  1. Login to your OneComply portal

  2. Go to Manage > Integrations
  1. Toggle on the Printscan integration
  1. Select View Integration

  1. Complete and submit the form with all required information including jurisdiction and shipping details.

Please note: Not all states accept FBI FD258 cards. Special or state-specific cards will need to be mailed to the Printscan offices at 960 S Broadway, Suite 110A, Hicksville, NY 11801 so that the fingerprints can be printed on the required card.

  1. Once your submission has been made, OneComply creates a Compliance Work Ticket in the system to track your order.

That’s it, PrintScan will then fulfill your order with the information provided.

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